Natalia Chernysheva

Full-Stack Developer

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Hey, I'm Natalia, and I'm a full stack developer from Chapel Hill, NC. I'm proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, MERN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS), Django stack (Python), and databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. Working on websites allows me to blend technical skills with creativity, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing user experience. As a full-stack developer, I'm here to transform your concepts into tangible outcomes.

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Full-Stack Web Development

Front-end and back-end development, end-to-end solutions for dynamic web applications, seamless user experience.

Back-End Web Development

Design and optimization of server-side systems, databases, and APIs for efficient web applications.

Responsive Design

Enabling websites to seamlessly adjust to diverse devices and screen dimensions, delivering an excellent user experience.

Scalable Cloud Applications

Leveraging cloud platforms for scalable, reliable web applications, optimizing performance, and ensuring uninterrupted user availability.


room reservation project

Hotel reservation system

MERN stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, TailwindCSS

  • features the React Calendar component enabling to display the dates available for the reservation and to highlight the dates selected by the user
  • prompts the guest to select different dates if the selected range of dates includes unavailable dates
  • uses RESTful APIs to fetch the guest personal details and the dates of the reservation from the form on the client side and the room details such as room number and price from the dababase and to save them as a new order in the database
  • features the admin dashboard enabling the admins to add, update, and delete room details and to review the guest orders
  • implements the PDF invoice generator based on the order details
  • mobile-first, responsive design

Course management system

MERN stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS

  • features user authentication system (signup, login, logout)
  • integrates RESTful APIs to communicate with the MongoDB to add, update, delete students and courses, to enroll and disenroll students from the courses, to create, update, and delete course assignments and to post and update course grades
  • implements an easy-to-use click function to post and update grades in the gradebook table
school management project
design studio project

Landing page

ReactJs, CSS

  • features a hero with the call-for-action button
  • implements an image gallery with an option to magnify images upon hover and to expand to full-size upon click
  • enables two image slider options:
    • updates the preview images on the left or right button click, cycling through a set of three images at a time
    • transitions between individual images within the full-view mode
  • mobile-first, responsive design

Landing page w/ a menu and a shopping cart

HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • utilizes JSON data to dynamically render the menu items based on the data stored in the JSON file
  • the cart functionality computes the total price by incorporating item prices and quantities, while also offering users the ability to select a tip amount
  • mobile-first, responsive design
cafe landing page project
online marketplace project

Online marketplace

Django, Python, Bootstrap, SQlite (or PostgreSQL)

  • implements signup, login and logout authentication to personalize user carts
  • utilizes object-oriented programming (OOP) approach
  • uses reusable components to dynamically generate cards displaying product details
  • enables search by keyword functionality
  • leverages cart functionality to update items and their quantities dynamically, while also calculating the total order cost based on the updated items and their prices
  • mobile-first, responsive design

Mozilla bookmark extension

Mozilla Extension, HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • optimizes the process of saving bookmarks by retrieving both the URL and title of the tab
  • features a textarea field enabling users to add comments to links for easier content search
  • enables users to add new tags via input field of type "text"
  • optimizes tagging with reusable tags automatically storing tags in the Local Storage
  • enhances link search functionality by enabling users to click on a tag for filtering links
mozilla extension project